Zoe is a Tel Aviv based virtual influencer

She is  only 22 years old, and has already gained more than 30K followers on instagram. 

Zoe loves the big city life. She studies Art & Design and works as a bartender at a local pub, while modelling part-time.

In her spare time she loves to paint, walk her dog and visit the beach as often as she can. Zoe is an animal lover and activist, who leads a vegetarian lifestyle and volunteers at the animal rights association. 

Ella is a young fashion model

She is a 21 yeas old fashion model

With over 11,000 followers,  Ella shows her love to life, fashion and leads shows the world her healthy life-style.

Signed as model & talent in agencies in Germany and Israel she already had a chance to lead campaigns for local brands and star on Israeli most watched news cast.

Diana is a London based dancer

She grew up in Capetown, South Africa and currently lives in London.

As a daughter of a Uruguayan father and a Dutch mother, she speaks three languages. 

Diana loves playing volleyball, listening to Rap music, and dances whenever she gets the chance. Aside from modeling, she is also a copywriter who works as a digital nomad.

Her biggest dream is to lead a dance group and perform all across the globe.

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